Medium Voltage three phase Transformers

Medium Voltage 3Phase VTs

Applications : Metering panels, Relay/Control panels, Generators, Switchgears, Circuit breakers, Motor Starters etc


  • Unique 3 phase designs are available where space is a constraint.
  • Up to 15.5 kV Class, 110KV BIL
  • IEEE / ANSI or IEC class VTs are available
  • Wide range of Ratios with various secondary voltages 100/110/120V (Different Secondary voltage possible)
  • APG method for resin encapsulated construction (polyurethane/epoxy cast)
  • VTs can be supplied with or without fuses and related hardware (fuse clips)
  • Available in many different sizes, with or without mounting bracket.
  • Easy installation with various mounting options
  • Type test data available for BIL, Partial Discharge etc.
  • Standard product range and custom solutions
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