Medium Voltage Current Transformers

Medium Voltage CTs

Applications : Metering panels, Relay/Control panels, Generators, Switchgears, Circuit breakers, Motor Starters, Power systems etc.

  • Current transformers with various primary options
    • Window Type (various size and shape of windows)
    • Bar Type (various size and shape of bars)
    • Wound Primary Type (Terminals to attach customer bar or cable)
  • Wide range of Ratios – 50:5 to 25000:5 (1 Amp Secondary possible)
  • Up to 34.5 kV Class, 170kV BIL
  • APG method for resin encapsulated construction (polyurethane/epoxy cast)
  • Various ratio options, mounting options, and single and multi-ratio options are available.
  • IEEE / ANSI or IEC class CTs are available
  • Type test data available for BIL, Short time thermal current, Partial discharge etc.
  • Multi-ratio options are available
  • Standard product range and custom solutions
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