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Amran Inc. accepts responsibility for the complete satisfaction of its customers. We are committed to meeting the customer's requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. With ISO 9001 (2015) registered manufacturing plants, Amran's commitment to quality is evident. The scope of quality system is not only reflected on the production lines but includes managerial leadership quality, working environment quality and customer care quality. Our objective is to deliver defect free products/services on time, every time.

Routine training to all the workers for various production operations, well defined and well displayed work instructions, and well controlled and monitored processes are some of the standard procedures followed by Amran personnel to manufacture the products. These protocols help in achieving high quality of products the first time and every time.
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Whether it’s managing environmental impact or our interactions with our customers, suppliers, or employees, Amran’s commitment to responsible business practices is absolute.

At Amran, we commit to our customers, the public, and the environment to always exhibit the highest level of professional in all avenues of our business. We strive for continual improvement in all areas. At Amran, we have an obligation to produce quality products that exceed our customers’ needs and expectations, while being mindful of our environmental footprint. As a company, we are always looking for new ways and adopting new practices to help minimize out impact on our environment. All Amran manufacturing plants have well defined EHS policy.

Amran’s safety begins with our approach to our company and employees. We also take our employees safety very seriously. Not only is every employee provided the tools, trainings, and supervision to perform their specific job, but they are all extensively cross trained. Our detailed work instructions also allow for easy movement between manufacturing machines and duties, insuring the employees’ safety and the quality of the product.

Amran also has an appointed safety committee that coaches all new employees and keeps current employees updated on any changes to our safety policy, as well as to promote overall safety at the work place.

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