Code of Conduct and Stewardship

At Amran, maintaining positive working environment is a priority. Ethical and strategic reasons necessitate this approach. We are always cognizant of the fact that our employees are, first and foremost, human beings – before they are human resources. That fundamental realization is key to the success of an organization like ours. This view is also sensible from a strategic viewpoint: Employees who are treated respectfully and fairly by all are more productive. These ethical and strategic considerations are part of Amran’s corporate culture. We take pride in conducting our global business in a professional manner and in striving to provide products that are of the highest quality. Such a business strategy requires a motivated workforce.

Our employees are encouraged to raise any issues or concerns, without hesitation or fear, with the heads of their respective departments or with senior management. Amran’s commitment to the Code of Conduct and Stewardship is embodied in the company’s Employee Handbook and Policies.

We always conduct our business in the same honest and honorable manner. Our success is directly tied to our long-standing commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our customer care is second to none, from conception to shipping; we are focused on taking care of all our customers’ needs. All interactions with customers are fair and defensible no matter big, small, or in between. We provide high quality transformers to our customers utilizing best practice methodology for both the technical and safety aspects of our work.

Our organization upholds the following core values that define its relationship with employees and customers alike:

  • Promoting a non-discriminatory and anti-harassment environment
  • Honest, lawful and ethical conduct
  • Acting with integrity
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Integrity in record-keeping on employee matters
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